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  5. On s'en fou de voir le systeme de magasin de vetements de Open:RP crée par Stuyk (que tu devrait crétiter d'ailleurs), montre nous des fonctionalitées propres a ton serveur crées par toi et non copiés collés
  6. Hello everybody, this is a full list (in JSON format) of all GTA V ped component variations & ped props (Clothes, Hats, Glasses, Watches..), its always up2date for the latest GTA V at my GitHub. It currently contains 58 ped component variation collections with a total of 19958 ped component variations & 2986 ped props. Preview pedComponentVariations.json (Click here for full JSON on GitHub) The data of this list can be used with their related natives like setPedComponentVariation (https://natives.altv.mp/#/0x262B14F48D29DE80) or setPedPropIndex (https://natives.altv.mp/#/0x93376B65A266EB5F) to change the appearance / clothes etc. of the freemode peds in GTA V. Search 'component variation' or 'ped prop' in NativeDB for more information. Durty Map Editor features various ingame data browser, check it out if your interested. Let me know if you have found any issues with the list. Best regards, DurtyFree
  7. Hello everybody, to continue my series of "GTA V prop positions & rotations", I am dropping this here. This is a full list of all radio tower props found on the whole GTA V map (including interiors / mlo instances etc.) Most up2date download / file at GitHub: https://github.com/DurtyFree/gta-v-data-dumps/blob/master/objectslocations/worldRadioTowers.json This contains 86 radio tower positions. This list was btw extracted by Durty Map Editor, check it out here: Following props are covered in the dump (model list is in same order as images): worldRadioTowers.json "prop_radiomast02", "prop_radiomast01", "cs6_03_radio_frame02", "ch2_03_radio_tower_01" This data can be for example used to Check / verify whether player is in range of an radio tower Create some system to force players to be in range of radio towers to have good connections on their phones / beeing able to call. + When more far away from next radio tower, connection gets worse? î Enhance your roleplayers experience More? Let me know if I missed some radio tower props or if you would like to see any other GTA V props position list. Best regards, DurtyFree
  8. Hello, I'm getting random warnings in the console log when I use the chat and I was wondering is this something to worry about or how can it be solved or debugged? [17:40:08][Warning] Event handler at chat:file:///C:/Users/Thomas/Desktop/altv-server/resources/chat/index.mjs:19 was too long 11ms [17:40:08][Warning] resourceManager.Update() took: 138 ms
  9. How can I spawn the vehicle in-game?
  10. You need to launch gta in singleplayer. Then go to your mouse settings, if the MouseInput is set to raw, change it away. If it isn't set to raw change it to raw.
  11. You all need to provide more informations.
  12. There is currently still a bug in toggleGameControls, you need to disable the punching with a native. https://natives.altv.mp/#/0xFE99B66D079CF6BC
  13. Currently there is no way to play with sli, because altv-webengine.exe and gta 5 have to run on the same GPU.
  14. Have you followed this guide? Windows 8.1 isn't official supported by alt:V! You should consider to upgrade to Windows 10.
  15. Do you have a crashdump in your alt:V Client folder?
  16. Please show a screenshot, the link can't be opened.
  17. Have you followed this guide? https://fabianterhorst.github.io/coreclr-module/articles/setup.html
  18. The DisplayName can't be changed in this forum.
  19. DasChaos


    You need to set your microphone as default communication device in your windows audio settings.
  20. Which branch are you using? (release, rc or dev)
  21. The update has already arrived via hotfix, the problem should be fixed.
  22. alt:V already pushed an update and it should be fixed 🙂
  23. It's called Local Storage in alt:V the documentation can be found here: https://altmp.github.io/altv-typings/classes/_alt_client_.localstorage.html
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