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    Vehicle Tints?

    I'm trying to load vehicle tints and there seems to be no problem in console, I even get the confirmation that client and server are communicating. However, nothing appears to happen in game. I've been asking with no response so I've come here for assistance hoping I can get a definite answer as to how to fix this issue. SERVER chat.registerCmd('tint', (player, vehicle) => { requestTint(player, vehicle); }); function requestTint(player, vehicle) { try { let vehicle = player.vehicle; alt.emitClient(player, 'requestTint', vehicle); } catch (err) { chat.send(player, 'Request Tint Script Error'); } } alt.onClient('tintSuccess', (player, vehicle) => { vehicle.windowTint = 1; let tintValue = vehicle.windowTint; console.log(tintValue); }); CLIENT alt.onServer('requestTint', vehicle => { if (isInVehicle === false) { alt.emitServer('noVehicle'); return; } native.setVehicleWindowTint(alt.Player.local.vehicle.scriptID, 3); alt.log('Windows are now tinted.'); alt.emitServer('tintSuccess', vehicle); });
  3. Hello everybody, I want to use this topic to post visual updates about my current WIP Map Editor for alt:V. Current Features: Full multiplayer mapping support (Map with your friends, see their changes live), objects are locked to you when you edit them Map Editor is completely toggleable, decide whether you test & cruise on your map or work on it Action multipliers everywhere, you can always use CTRL, SHIFT & Space to speed up actions or your freecam movement Is built to feel smooth even tho every action is synced with your mapping friends Very intuitive UI to get you started right away without reading any annoying manuals Save & Load different maps "Freelooking Mode": Allows to move over the map in freecam mode, copy world objects, delete placed objects, snap placed objects "Snapped mode": Allows for replacing objects & changing rotation, deleting the object & aborting editing (restoring last pos/rot) "Selected mode": Allows for very detailed editing of object (pos & rot), deleting the objects, copying object & aborting editing (restoring last pos/rot) Inbuilt Object Browser allows you for searching thru available objects & previewing them before placing them Many inbuilt tools to get you finished quick with those annoying tasks Current Tools: "Rotation Copy Tool": Quickly apply given rotation to a lot of objects I will update this lists as the Map Editor progresses. Current images & videos: Click the imagees to view the videos Interested? Join the discord to receive most recent updates & informations about the map editor: https://discord.gg/dZqc5QC Feel free to follow me on GitHub to be notified whenever I open source it: https://github.com/DurtyFree Stay tuned for more updates. Best regards DurtyFree
  4. What is NativeUI? NativeUI is basically a port of NativeUI Singleplayer, now compatible with alt:V Multiplayer. Its a client side resource library that helps you quickly and easily build Rockstar-like menus. More visual examples https://gyazo.com/bba2ede581ab0492a503e3fd92455651 http://gyazo.com/00434ac30bb3f4f9ac73a6683ffad57e https://streamable.com/ko4a9 Features Support for simple buttons, checkboxes and lists. Support for custom banners from game sprites and your own textures. Easy nested menus for fast and painless nested menu system. Controller support. Mouse controls. Custom instructional buttons. Support for all screen resolutions. Item descriptions. Rebindable keys and controls. Badges to decorate your items. Event-based callbacks. Support for showing mid sized & big message I want it, where do I get it? And how to install? Please check out the GitHub Repository to get the latest version & installation instructions. https://github.com/DurtyFree/alt-V-NativeUI Where do I begin? Take a look at our Wiki Getting Started page or take a look at our example. Feel free to create issues on GitHub when you encounter any bugs. Best regards DurtyFree
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  6. I can't run install.js node.js don't open if I click on install. If I try a manual installation, I have an error for orp ressource, 'run ''rpm run orp'' in file directory'.
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  8. Try using the alt.vehicles list (might be alt.Vehicles.all not sure, sorry ­čśä) on clientside. As far as I know it holds all currently streamed vehicles for the player. Might be a more consistent way.
  9. known bugs: the native getClosestVehicle(playerPosX, playerPosY, playerPosZ, ...) doesnt work all the time = doesnt detect all vehicles u cant enter a boat with native.taskEnterVehicle (need to use setPedIntoVehicle)
  10. I spawn in a prop, why ????
  11. boblegamer


    bonjour tant qu'a avoir trouver des francophones je voudrait en profiter, savez vous pourquoi avec OpenRP ont spawn avec une prop de tuile de toit ...
  12. NativeUI got another big update. My Port has complete feature parity with the TypeScript NativeUI Port by DurtyFree again. Please keep in mind that this update introduced some breaking changes so please check the new example script to get used to the new features and other changes. Download the latest NativeUI-Example from here: https://neo-v.de/altv/files/nativeUI-example.zipOr get NativeUI from GitHub: https://github.com/datWeazel/alt-V-NativeUI
  13. Guten Tag, ich wollte mal fargen ob ich etwas dagegen tun kann dass bei mir nachdem Trevor, Micheal, etc. im Ladebildschirm kamen nicht mehr Blackscreen ist? Normalerweise sollte da die Serverliste angezeigt werden aber bei mir ist da Blackscreen. Vielen Dank schon mal im voraus LG Darius
  14. Mahlzeit. Viele werden mich kennen, deswegen halte ich mich Kurz. Ich suche ein Projekt, welches ich im Frontend Bereich unterst├╝tzen kann, Hier sind die Anforderungen: - Server ist Zielorientiert - Die Aufgabenplanung ist Strukturiert - Das Projekt ist nicht erst in den Startl├Âchern - Sozial & Freundlichkeit wird vorausgesetzt Falls also jemand gerade schnell jemanden braucht, schreibt mich einfach mal an ^^ MFG. Joshua Gerke
  15. Join the Discord. Get a developer role. Ask the question there. You'll get a faster and more in-depth response.
  16. Hello sorry for my english, I'm Polish I have a few questions for people who are already programming on this platform. - I was looking for something in the documentation with which to create some simple menu on the server. Unfortunately, I found nothing, the documentation is poor, nothing is described: / My question is: what do we use to create a simple ALT menu? Until now, the only method I've learned is entering text on the screen by creating a page in .html and displaying the page using WebView
  17. Wiki has all links and relevant information. Take a look at my new series. The one you are watching is a bit dated now. http://natives.altv.mp/
  18. Ich schaue mir grade an und ich h├Ąnge bei dem Abschnitt wo er die CommandEventHandler.cs schreibt fest denn er haut mir immer und immer wieder folgende Fehler aus die ich nicht behoben bekomme Im Anhang ist das Script so wie im Ordner GettingStarted sogar textdatein um welche Fehler GettingStarted.rar
  19. and I have another problem, so in the client.mjs file this code I do not want to call after clicking the M button alt.on('keydown', (key) => { if(key === 'M'.charCodeAt(0)) { alt.emit('closepage'); } });
  20. ok, where can I find "natives" shown in your video at 39:03? The discord from the video link does not exist
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  22. https://wiki.altv.mp/ServerJS:Player
  23. I just pushed a big update to GitHub. This NativeUI Port is now based on alt:V-NativeUI by @DurtyFree which is in turn based on RageMP-NativeUI by kar. NativeUI should now be much faster. This update introduced one big change you need to know about: NativeUI Menus are no longer visible instantly after creation. You need to call menu.Open() to show the menu after creation! Download the latest NativeUI-Example from here: https://neo-v.de/altv/files/nativeUI-example.zip Or get NativeUI from GitHub: https://github.com/datWeazel/alt-V-NativeUI (If this update introduced any bugs please report them on GitHub!)
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