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  2. Ivaylo99

    Freeroam Bug

    Good evening! I would like to ask you how I can solve it effectively so that we can get on the server, ie play on freeroam or whatever. The basic concept is that we go to the server by default with a free mod and crouching underneath the image and we can't move anywhere, nor do my buddies. Maybe somebody could find a solution to this, what could we do? Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Ivaylo99
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  4. NKLNE


    Hey :), kann mir jemand sagen, wie ich bei AltV Mappen kann und Dynamische Objekte erstellen kann Also zum Beispiel eine Schranke auf befehl auf machen kann. Vielen Dank VG Nick
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  6. amrizama


    Salut a tous, Je voulais être le premier a poster sur le coté français ! Bienvenue a tous ! Cordialement
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  8. Thanks for help. Problem solved.
  9. Also set host to as it was before instead of changing it to when you want to connect. Host != ip
  10. Your nuget package is outdated. Make sure you copied the newest dependency dlls to your resource folder.
  11. Hi Guys! I have a problem and i can't solve it. I get this error message when i launch the server: [19:51:43] alt:V Server, build #811, branch stable [19:51:43] Starting Truckers Life on [19:51:43] coreclr-module: version found: 2.1.12 [19:51:43] coreclr-module: version found: 2.1.7 [19:51:43] coreclr-module: version found: 3.0.0 [19:51:43] coreclr-module: greatest version: 3.0.0 [19:51:43] Loading resource chat [19:51:43] Loaded resource chat [19:51:43] Loading resource Trucking [19:51:43] < ==== UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ==== > Received an unhandled exception from : System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Unable to find an entry point named 'CSharpResource_SetMain' in DLL 'csharp-module'. at AltV.Net.Native.AltNative.Resource.CSharpResource_SetMain(IntPtr resourcePointer, MainDelegate mainDelegate, StopDelegate stopDelegate, TickDelegate tickDelegate, ServerEventDelegate serverEventDelegate, CheckpointDelegate checkpointDelegate, ClientEventDelegate clientEventDelegate, PlayerDamageDelegate playerDamageDelegate, PlayerConnectDelegate playerConnectDelegate, PlayerDeathDelegate playerDeathDelegate, PlayerDisconnectDelegate playerDisconnectDelegate, PlayerRemoveDelegate playerRemoveDelegate, VehicleRemoveDelegate vehicleRemoveDelegate, PlayerChangeVehicleSeatDelegate playerChangeVehicleSeatDelegate, PlayerEnterVehicleDelegate playerEnterVehicleDelegate, PlayerLeaveVehicleDelegate playerLeaveVehicleDelegate, CreatePlayerDelegate createPlayerDelegate, RemovePlayerDelegate removePlayerDelegate, CreateVehicleDelegate createVehicleDelegate, RemoveVehicleDelegate removeVehicleDelegate, CreateBlipDelegate createBlipDelegate, RemoveBlipDelegate removeBlipDelegate, CreateCheckpointDelegate createCheckpointDelegate, RemoveCheckpointDelegate removeCheckpointDelegate, CreateVoiceChannelDelegate createVoiceChannelDelegate, RemoveVoiceChannelDelegate removeVoiceChannelDelegate, ConsoleCommandDelegate consoleCommandDelegate, MetaDataChange metaDataChange, MetaDataChange syncedMetaDataChange, CreateColShapeDelegate createColShapeDelegate, RemoveColShapeDelegate removeColShapeDelegate, ColShapeDelegate colShapeDelegate) at AltV.Net.ResourceBuilder.SetDelegates(IntPtr resourcePointer, MainDelegate start) at AltV.Net.ModuleWrapper.MainWithAssembly(IntPtr serverPointer, IntPtr resourcePointer, AssemblyLoadContext assemblyLoadContext) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor, Boolean wrapExceptions) at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture) at AltV.Net.Host.Host.ExecuteResource(IntPtr arg, Int32 argLength) and my resource.cfg file: type: "csharp", main: "Trucking.dll"
  12. Hello Community, Today i finished my FreeCam / NoClip Camera script and i would share this resource with you. It has a web UI in which you can see the current position, rotation and the movement speed. The speed can also be adjusted there. Keylist F7 Activate / Deactivate W Forward S Backward A Left D Right Space Up Shift Down Arrow Up Turn Up Arrow Down Turn Down Arrow Left Turn Left Arrow Right Turn Right Installation Just Unzip the attached Archive to your Resource-Folder in your Server-Folder and add the line "freecam" to the Resource-Lists of your server.cfg file. I hope you enjoy it. freecam.zip
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  14. NKLNE


    Hey can you please post your config files?
  15. Puni


    ALTV CRASH ERROR Message send : config parse error: key expected
  17. I made the same post, but I solved this issue. Download the beta version and it will work
  18. ExtendedLife.de sucht Verstärkung im Team Hallo liebe Community, Wir, ein Team aus mehreren engagierten Personen sind gerade dabei ein GTA RP Projekt auf dem neuen Alt:V Launcher aufzubauen. Damit das Projekt noch mehr fahrt aufnimmt suchen wir noch den ein oder anderen, der in seiner Freizeit gerne programmiert um an unserem Hobby Projekt mitzuwirken. Wir suchen: Backend Developer Für dich sind C# und Javascript keine Fremdwörter? Du hast Spaß daran komplett neues Script zu entwickeln, die Performance des Script sowie dessen Bugs zu verbessern und daran zu tüfteln? Dann bist du genau die Person, die wir suchen! Zu deinem Aufgabengebiet zählen: - Entwicklung eines Scripts im Backend Bereich nach Vorlage von einzelnen Konzepten - Fixen von Bugs und Verbesserung des bestehenden Scripts Was wir erwarten: - Gute bis sehr gute Kenntnisse in C# und JavaScript - Erfahrung mit der GTA Alt:V API - Spaß daran im Team zu arbeiten und neues zu Lernen. - Eigenständiges, selbstkritisches Arbeiten Wenn ich dein Interesse geweckt habe, kannst du dich gerne via Kommentar bei uns melden und wir laden dich zu einem Gespräch auf unseren TS3 ein. Hier noch der Link zu unserem Projekt Extendedlife.de Mit freundlichen Grüßen Das Extended-Life Team
  19. i have the same error as well, and doen't know how to fix. i gues you have to download something to make it work.if i found a sloution i let you know.
  20. Hey guys, not too sure what is going on but I am getting this error launching Alt-V. Installed on a clean install of GTA:V with no mods or RageMP. Alt-V is also not on the desktop or download folder, it in my documents folder inside of a Alt-V Folder. \Documents\altV\altv-stable
  21. im problem in the download for atv multiplayers follow print screens
  22. and that's the contents of my resource.cfg file
  23. Hello, I have a little trouble when I run my server all good no error but when I connect to the server I have this error that appears and I'm transparent on the map I can not do my personal nothing.
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