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Looking for people interested in starting an economy roleplay server from scratch

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my friend and I are planning on starting our own server after never getting the experience we wanted, even though we tried at least 100 different servers. We can both program in all needed programming languages, but we don't think we'll be able to do it alone. We don't have specific "roles" that we are looking for, so if you think you have something that you can help our project with (Even if it's only Alpha Testing), feel free to join the Discord.

Now our concept:
We are planning on creating an economy roleplay server and later on everything will be player made (The Gas for the cars, the vehicles themselves, [...]). We also want it to be as easy to understand as possible, but also really in-depth for the people who want to get every little advantage possible. Another goal is, to not make crime to easy, but also not to hard. So if you want to be a Gangster, you can be one, but you also will get punished if the police finds out about it.

If you have any further questions, you can find us on Discord where we'll happily answer you any question about it. You can also ask me here (My friend doesn't have an account here), but we'll probably respond much faster on Discord.

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