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This project was started on... August 9, 2019

Open:RP is the ground framework I've put together for a Roleplay server. It is currently an in progress resource. There is a license that comes with it; and there is also terms and conditions for the usage of the resource. This is not an ESX. This is better than what ESX will ever be. It's fast and very efficient.

You can view the full project on github.

General Information

I don't take feature requests; I take suggestions. There is a Discord linked in the github if you want HELP or want to CONTRIBUTE.

There is also a public server that gets updated periodically to demo the game-mode.

Current Roadmap: (BOLD IS DONE)

 PostgreSQL Integration
 Login and Registration
 Character Facial Customization
 Roleplay Name Formatting
 Character Clothing Customization
 Glasses, Bracelets, etc.

 Character Inventory System
 Item Configuration
 Item Drops
 Item Pickups
 Vehicle System

 Job System
 Example Job Configuration
 Job System Types
 Vehicle Customization
 Vehicle Fuel System
 Nametags / Character Names
 Door System
 Door Sales System
 Administrative Toolkit
 Currency System
 ATM / Bank System

 Player Transfers / Give Money
 Shop System
 Faction System
 Basic Anticheat
 Time Sync
 Weather Sync
 Interaction System

 Interaction for Vehicles
 Interaction for Players
 Interaction for Objects
 Player Death Handling
 Taxation goes to Government Fund
 Government Fund Management
 Animation Manager
 Splash Screens
 Custom Sounds! Blat!
 Custom Chat
 Custom Chat Commands
 Custom Chat Colors

 Custom Chat Notification Functions / Clickables
 Custom Chat is Repositionable?
 Roleplay Commands (/me, /do, /b, /cc)
 Ranged Chat

 Voice Chat


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