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  1. Hello, I would like to know on AltV how did we replace one prop with another, example if I want to replace prop_flag_ls_s.yft and prop_flag_ls by a new one prop_flag_ls with a new texture inside. I have try with stream but it's crash so I want to know how I am supposed to proceed for that. (sorry for my english I speak french)
  2. I can't run install.js node.js don't open if I click on install. If I try a manual installation, I have an error for orp ressource, 'run ''rpm run orp'' in file directory'.
  3. I spawn in a prop, why ????
  4. boblegamer


    bonjour tant qu'a avoir trouver des francophones je voudrait en profiter, savez vous pourquoi avec OpenRP ont spawn avec une prop de tuile de toit ...
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