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  1. If you don't want to get bogged down with the intricacies of setting up a JavaScript environment this GitHub Repository will do everything for you. This also includes downloading the latest server files. Visit the link below for full instructions and debugging. This should get you up and running in about 1 Minute. Link: https://github.com/Stuyk/altv-quickstart General Install Directions Install NodeJS Prior to Starting Open a command prompt in a folder. Run this: git clone https://github.com/Stuyk/altv-quickstart cd altv-quickstart Run the code block below this. 1.1. This can be used whenever you need to update your server files. 1.2. Run the code block below; wait for packages to install. 1.2. Then follow the instructions on screen. npm run update Bootup the Server 2.1. This script downloads for Linux or Windows automatically. 2.2. Use a screen on Linux to run the server in the background. 2.3. Use a built in command prompt such as in VSCode to run the server. 2.4. You may press Ctrl + C to stop the server at any time. Linux: ./start.sh Windows (CMD): altv-server.exe Windows (Powershell): ./altv-server.exe
  2. Build #901+ supports the latest DLC. GTA Online's Casino Heists DLC update is now available on the beta branch. Please switch to the beta branch to use the latest version of alt:V. We are now actively testing this branch for the update. This can be done inside of your altv.cfg in your client folder. If you are server developer please ensure natives are working properly and pay attention to Node read failed errors. If you encounter additional issues please refer to #support in our Discord. If you enjoy our work and would like to support us please check out our Patreon.
  3. Stuyk

    A few questions

    Join the Discord. Get a developer role. Ask the question there. You'll get a faster and more in-depth response.
  4. Wiki has all links and relevant information. Take a look at my new series. The one you are watching is a bit dated now. http://natives.altv.mp/
  5. https://wiki.altv.mp/ServerJS:Player
  6. Stuyk


    Edited first post. Added some clarification.
  7. Here's a playlist of tutorial videos for alt:V. Beginner friendly as it walks you through every part of setup and general coding. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBNRUifAMZ-MzLjb-lzOTJy-PyuN6ffgw
  8. Stuyk


    There's a discord channel where I post info. Make sure you pay attention to what I post there.
  9. Stuyk


    HERE IS YOUR DOWNLOAD SIR. I USED GOOGLE. https://postgrespro.com/windows OR https://get.enterprisedb.com/postgresql/postgresql-11.5-1-windows-x64.exe
  10. Stuyk


    Join Discord for ORP check the help section after getting a role.
  11. Updated to the latest definitions for Natives. Plus a few extras. Enjoy.
  12. Open:RP This project was started on... August 9, 2019 IF YOU ARE NOT A DEVELOPER THIS PROJECT IS NOT FOR YOU. General Information Open:RP is the ground framework I've put together for a Roleplay server. It is currently an in progress resource. There is a license that comes with it; and there is also terms and conditions for the usage of the resource. This is not an ESX. This is better than what ESX will ever be. It's fast and very efficient. I don't take feature requests; I take suggestions. There is a Discord linked in the GitHub if you want HELP or want to CONTRIBUTE. If you wish to receive support for this game mode. Visit the Discord. DO NOT POST HERE. YOU MUST READ WHAT IS IN THE DISCORD TO RECEIVE SUPPORT. Current Terms: 'By using this software for your Roleplay mode you agree to the following:', 'Manipulation of bootscreen logos, and splash marks may not be removed. This data', 'must be present and unmodified for each user that enters your server. Monetization ', 'of this game mode is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You may NOT establish any form of monetization', 'features in this gamemode.', Discord Here: https://discord.gg/WbzTJXW Github Here: https://github.com/team-stuyk-alt-v/altV-Open-Roleplay Full Feature List Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19f9xTn6m3qVfUZYV6cQ8dMstLLdfYC2BavTV7YpzfLc/ Demo Server Here: http://altstats.net/server/202
  13. alt:V - Postgres Wrapper The general point of this resource is to take out the guess work with working with Postgres SQL and it just makes general database usage really easy. It has the basic Crud operations built in; and helps immensely with getting a database going with Postgres in mere minutes. Give it a try; and make sure you read the README.MD on Github for setup instructions. Note: This can also be used for all other SQL databases; but requires some minor configuration. 🙂 Download: https://github.com/team-stuyk-alt-v/altV-Postgres-Wrapper Example Entities.mjs import orm from 'typeorm'; export const Account = new orm.EntitySchema({ name: 'Account', columns: { id: { primary: true, type: 'int', generated: true }, username: { type: 'varchar' }, password: { type: 'varchar' } } }); Example Usage after Creating Entities.mjs: import * as alt from 'alt'; import SQL from '../../postgres-wrapper/database.mjs'; import { Account } from './entities/entities.mjs'; // Each Database Schema you create will need to be added to the array after your connection string. // The database connection string goes as follows for postgres // postgresql://username:[email protected]:5423/databaseName var database = new SQL('postgresql://postgres:[email protected]:5432/altv', [ Account ]); // This is an event called when the database is connected. // You don't need to use this; but it helps understand the current state of the db connection. alt.on('ConnectionComplete', () => { var Account = { username: 'stuyk', password: '123' }; // Update or Insert a new document. database.upsertData(Account, 'Account', result => { // Fetch data by field name, field value, and repo name. database.fetchData('username', 'stuyk', 'Account', res => { if (res === undefined) { console.log('This user was not found.'); return; } console.log(res); }); // Fetch a document by ID. database.fetchByIds(1, 'Account', res => { if (res === undefined) { console.log('The document with the id was not found.'); return; } console.log('Fetched Document for ID: ' + res[0].id); console.log(res[0]); // The result is going to be an array if it finds the document. // If you're expecting 1 result. Then use call [0] on res. console.log('Attempting to Update Data...'); database.updatePartialData( res[0].id, { username: 'NewUsername' }, 'Account', res => { // Will return an object if successfull. if (typeof res !== 'object') { console.log('Failed to find and update document.'); return; } console.log('Updated Successfully'); } ); }); // Returns an array of all documents with all data. // If no documents exist; it'll be undefined. database.fetchAllData('Account', res => { console.log('Fetched all documents for table ACCOUNT'); console.log(res); }); // Selects all data and returns just usernames. database.selectData('Account', ['username'], res => { console.log('Selected by USERNAME'); console.log(res); }); // Delete by ID setTimeout(() => { database.deleteByIds(1, 'Account', res => { console.log('Deleted ID 1'); console.log(res); }); }, 5000); }); });
  14. Unfortunately this package is built using VSCode extension API. Feel free to use whatever text editor and port it to that one.
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