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  1. Car Dealer (Vehicle prices have not yet been determined)
  2. On August 29, 30 and 31 we would like to invite everyone to public software tests to optimize scripts and present the current progress of the project. Public beta testing will take place: - August 29 (18:00 GMT - 20:00 GMT) - August 30 (18:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT) - August 31 (18:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT) Available functions during tests: - Introduction at the airport, ride to the garage. - Selection of the first vehicle in the garage. - Limited functionality of the Lobby panel. - Police pursuits with the AI. - Duels in Free Ride mode with other players. Each person participating in the tests will receive a unique achievement that will not be obtainable in the final version. Don't worry, these are not the last tests, you will be informed about each next one.
  3. Pursuits with AI teaser 🚨 Available late fall this year, stay tuned and join to our Discord server!
  4. What is Need for Speed: V? Need for Speed: V is an innovative racing server at Grand Theft Auto: V on the alt: V Multiplayer platform. The server is a reflection of the best parts from the NFS series of Electronic Arts publishers. Which NFS series does the server refer to? Underground (2003), Underground 2 (2004), Most Wanted (2005), Carbon (2006) Who we are? Our team consists of a group of friends with different interests and responsibilities. We create a project with passion, attention to details and maintaining the highest possible comfort and quality from the game itself. How to play on the server? At the moment, there is no such possibility. The server is being created, all changes and news will be announced on us Discord server. Keep up to date! Website nfsv.net Discord server discord.gg/dhqXAGD
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