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  1. That's not my question but thanks anyway for your kind help :). I have found some answers to my questions so if a moderator sees this. He can close the topic.
  2. Hello, this is my first post. As my nickname says I am just a noob in these things like gta or any game modding at all. But as I spend time in those modifications playing, I am getting more and more curious about how are those things coded. I faced the same thing with the script creation and then I googled and found things that helped me understanding how scripts work for Fivem, now I am looking into Stuyk stuff on how they are made here in alt:v since I am thinking joining this community. But here comes the thing. I am a curious person, I always like to dig in more info but I have zero knowledge on how such things like ragemp, fivem, altv are coded. What knowledge is needed? Is it C/C++? Reverse Engineering? Both? I just can't find a single thing to make my first step understanding these projects. I hope there is understanding and someone could help me. Keep up with the good work in this project!
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