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  1. This gets the files from the rpf file and writes their type from common.xml.
  2. Hello, Thank you for your notice. It is a bug in GTAUtils, but it was quite simple to fix it, so I did it. The new version can be downloaded from https://static.szurti.com/GTAUtil.exe Please check and let me know if there is any other problem.
  3. Hello! Some friends doing one very nice server told me they will play against me in CSGO if I create a program that automatically turns vehicle rpf files into resources based on the following tutorial: As I really wanted to kill them (in the game, of course), I made this program and I thought it would be useful for others too. I haven't tested it as I have never tried AltV, but based on that tutorial the program works properly. If I have misunderstood something in the tutorial, please tell me and I'll fix it. The program is based on GTAUtil (https://github.com/indilo53/gtautil) with a new functionality (createmod) added. Usage Example: GTAUtil.exe createmod -i one.rpf,two.rpf -o output This extracts one.rpf and two.rpf (any number of rpf files can be added from 1 to any normal size number, those are read from the working directory where GTAUtil.exe is) to the output directory (will be deleted if exists) like this: The stream.cfg will look like this: (ytd and yft files are renamed) As you can see, the dlc file's name (without extension) is important as that will be the name of the directory and gxt files later. Please tell me if you have any questions or there is anything that's not working in the correct way. Edit: oh, yeah, I've forgotten to post the link to download the program. Here it is: https://static.szurti.com/GTAUtil.exe You also need .NET Framework (I think version 4.7.2).
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