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  1. You should consider joining the discord and ask your question in #modding, you will get more responses there 🙂
  2. This error means you have a network peoblem, the second error will be solved if the first one is solved. If you have an antivirus system try to turn it off.
  3. Turn off your antivirus, if you use avast uninstall it and try running alt:V as admin.
  4. Du solltest wenn möglich einen cleane GTA installation haben. Es gibt aber tools wie Mod launchers welche es ermöglichen GTA im Singleplayer mit mods zu starten, wenn du diesen dann beendest, werden die mods wieder entfernt.
  5. For RC Branche use js-module instead of nodr-module
  6. DasChaos


    You can join discord and ask in #module-sdk channel, there are people with more knowledge.
  7. Windows 10 and Hardware requirements of GTA 5
  8. DasChaos

    Installation error

    You can manually edit path in altv.cfg, which should fix the error Windows 7 isn't supported by alt:V, but the error gives you all informations.
  9. DasChaos


    Module SDK is Open Source, anyone can make a Python Module.
  10. alt:V only uses singleplayer files, it doesn't care about your GTA Online Files, it also not modifing any GTA Files, this means you should still be able to play GTA Online. And alt:V isn't only a mod for GTA-Roleplay!
  11. You should consider to translate your problem to English or join the discord and ask your question in #deutsch channel
  12. DasChaos

    Graphic issues

    You don't need to load DLCs it's the wrong therm. You need to load IPLs, a list can be found on the internet or via Codewalker.
  13. There are ways, but these aren't supported by alt:V and can make problems. So you have to wait until it's supported.
  14. Fixed on Discord, social club is outdated and needs to be uninstalled.
  15. Yes it is active, but the communication is happening on discord, where the changelog can be seen. https://discord.com/invite/q3zUUEC
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