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  1. Du hast eine dll in deinen GTA Ordner von steam, lösche diese.
  2. DasChaos

    Create Peds/NPC

    You need to load the ped model first with alt.loadModel. isNetwork and thisScriptCheck are for GTA Online and SP you can set it to false. Heading is the Rotation of the Ped in Degrees
  3. Look at your folder structure and then on your strem.cfg, one of them is completely wrong.
  4. DasChaos

    Server query

    There is currently no option, to display this data without announcing to the Masterserver.
  5. DasChaos

    Server query

    You get the output as json, but don't make too many get requests, else your ip would get banned. https://api.altv.mp/servers/list
  6. Are you using Windows 7, SLI, Dual GPU or a Laptop?
  7. Can you translate the error?
  8. The most modifications are only possible Server Side, changing textures is a case for the server.
  9. DasChaos

    Unknown type JS

    Now you have a second server running which is using 7788 as port.
  10. Default Redux doesn't work, because alt:V doesn't support ScriptHook
  11. DasChaos

    Unknown type JS

    You need to start the server with start.sh, because of the needed export command before.
  12. Please describe your problem more: - What is happening? - Add Screenshot - Add System Information
  13. You need the newest Version of GTA. Update your Game.
  14. Übrigends das korrekte Branding ist alt:V für eure Kategorie 😉 (Nicht Alt:V)
  15. You could map the mousebutton to a keyboard button in your mouse software and then setting the keyboard button as your push to talk button.
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