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  1. Kann es sein, dass deutsch nicht deine Muttersprache ist? Hier gibt es Leute aus verschiedenen Ländern, schreib ruhig auf englisch oder was auch immer deine Muttersprache ist 😄 ----- Could it be that german isn't your first language? There are people from all over the world here so feel free to write in your native language and I'm sure someone can help you 😄
  2. Little nitpick: var args = msg.Split(" ");//Split the message by space to use the args later. For example: "/ban Name Reason". var cmd = msg.Split(" ")[0]; Use this: var args = msg.Split(" ");//Split the message by space to use the args later. For example: "/ban Name Reason". var cmd = args[0]; That way you don't split twice. Both version work but I'd argue that the second one is prettier to read and you got one function call less. 🙂
  3. Try using the alt.vehicles list (might be alt.Vehicles.all not sure, sorry 😄) on clientside. As far as I know it holds all currently streamed vehicles for the player. Might be a more consistent way.
  4. NativeUI got another big update. My Port has complete feature parity with the TypeScript NativeUI Port by DurtyFree again. Please keep in mind that this update introduced some breaking changes so please check the new example script to get used to the new features and other changes. Download the latest NativeUI-Example from here: https://neo-v.de/altv/files/nativeUI-example.zipOr get NativeUI from GitHub: https://github.com/datWeazel/alt-V-NativeUI
  5. I just pushed a big update to GitHub. This NativeUI Port is now based on alt:V-NativeUI by @DurtyFree which is in turn based on RageMP-NativeUI by kar. NativeUI should now be much faster. This update introduced one big change you need to know about: NativeUI Menus are no longer visible instantly after creation. You need to call menu.Open() to show the menu after creation! Download the latest NativeUI-Example from here: https://neo-v.de/altv/files/nativeUI-example.zip Or get NativeUI from GitHub: https://github.com/datWeazel/alt-V-NativeUI (If this update introduced any bugs please report them on GitHub!)
  6. Weazel


    Wer bist du? Was kannst du? Etc. pp. 🙂
  7. Probably your antivirus deletes the file. Simply create an exception for your AltV Folder.
  8. I just pushed another update. NativeUI now uses relative paths (Thanks to the devs for adding support in AltV. :D) so you now need Client Version #781 to use NativeUI. You can download NativeUI from GitHub: https://github.com/datWeazel/alt-V-NativeUI To download the current example resource simply download the .zip file from this link: https://neo-v.de/altv/files/nativeUI-example.zip
  9. JS wird direkt von den AltV Devs angeboten. Das C# Modul wird von Heron entwickelt und maintained. Denke jedoch, dass man ruhigen Gewissens das C# Modul nutzen kann.
  10. As far as I know using ES6 is recommended. So .mjs is not mandatory, no. 🙂
  11. Ihr seid auf der Suche nach Entwicklern, habt aber schon nen Ziel wann das ganze starten soll? Irgendwie ziemlich ambitioniert, aber seid vorsichtig, dass euch das nicht auf die Füsse fällt. ^^
  12. New version is available! NativeUI now fully supports the latest altV beta. You can download the current example resource here: https://neo-v.de/altv/files/nativeUI-example.zip (Contains latest NativeUI.)
  13. I just added a more detailed install instruction. Hope this makes things more clear. I also added a link to an example resource. You can find it here: http://neo-v.de/altv/files/nativeUI-example.zip
  14. I was thinking about rewriting the readme but haven't found the time yet. If someone wants to contribute feel free to DM me. I also wanted to support relative import paths to make installation a lot easier but altV doesn't support it yet without bundling everything. Maybe I'll find a good solution soon, but as I said my time is limited.
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