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  1. Ok, for further assistance please join altv discord: https://discord.gg/q3zUUEC
  2. 1st: stop spamming threads with your issue, if you've created one yourself 2nd: Where is you alt:V installed?
  3. I'd say yes, depending on your issue.
  4. Wende dich doch hierzu vertrauensvoll an die Damen und Herren von GCRP. Damit hat altv nichts zu tun 😉 (Du gehst ja auch nicht zum Straßenbauamt, nur weil du nen Auto kaufen möchtest ;D)
  5. Feel free to join on altv discord. There you'll get much quicker infos/help
  6. Hey, did you try everything as described here?
  7. Revyn112 is right, if you save user data (even in a hased format) you need to give the user all information stored about him (even deleted per request, if there not "needed" anymore... I rly like lewer speak xD). You need to do that if you save and/or collect data in the EEA. (As you're a germen, if I'm not totally wrong, I think you know that allready ;))
  8. Soweit mir bekannt ist, wird das nicht passieren
  9. Das ist sogar sehr wahrscheinlich sofern du Kaspersky nutzt
  10. Then please join altv discord
  11. Place this file into your altv folder: http://cdn.altv.mp/node-module/beta/x64_linux/libnode.so.72
  12. There you have the issue, update glibc 🙂
  13. Imho altV does not copy any files into your game folder, so no.
  14. You need to decide: Server: C# & Client: JavaScript or Server: JavaScript & Client: JavaScript If you need some (outdated but helpfull) examples, have a look here: https://github.com/Stuyk/altV-Attack-Defense https://github.com/Stuyk/altV-CTF https://github.com/Stuyk/altV-Freeroam https://github.com/Stuyk/altV-Deathmatch
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