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  1. How to add custom vehicles (with sounds and tuning-parts) Example: Meteor by Vanillaworks-Team https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/pfister-meteor-add-on Required tools: OpenIV or CodeWalker that you can find in official discord guild Resource tree Open dlc.rpf or any other *.rpf archive with one of suggested tools Extract the archive like in the screenshot below. Place all ytd, yft, ydd and other assets in one folder to load them all with one wildcard (you can split it in subfolders). You also need to describe each meta file. You can drag and drop the files. resource.cfg type: dlc, main: stream.cfg, client-files: [ stream/* ] stream.cfg files: [ stream/assets/* ] meta: { stream/vehicles.meta: VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE stream/carvariations.meta: VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE stream/handling.meta: HANDLING_FILE stream/carcols.meta: CARCOLS_FILE stream/audio/sfx/dlc_meteor: AUDIO_WAVEPACK stream/audio/meteor_game.dat: AUDIO_GAMEDATA stream/audio/meteor_sounds.dat: AUDIO_SOUNDDATA stream/audio/meteor_amp.dat: AUDIO_SYNTHDATA } gxt: { } Add the meteor (folder name is your resource name) for the server.cfg file Discord: StahlBetonWand#4726 Special thanks to: Vanillaworks-Team
  2. How to: Custom Objects Example Liberty-Statue https://de.gta5-mods.com/maps/libertystatue-add-onprops Required tools: https://github.com/indilo53/gtautil https://openiv.com/ Generate archetype definitions (.ytyp) -Open gtautil folder -Move your .ydr and .ytd files inside gtautil folder -Open cmd and navigate to gtautil folder -Execute "gtautil genpropdefs --input .\*.ydr" -Now there should be "props.ytyp" inside the gtautil folder. Resource tree -Create folder-tree and place your files Example stream.cfg files: [ stream/* ] meta: { stream/props.ytyp: DLC_ITYP_REQUEST } Example resource.cfg type: dlc, main: stream.cfg, client-files: [ stream/* ] Load resource -Drag and Drop "statue-folder" to your resources-folder also don't forget to load "statue" in your server.cfg You have to load the model ,before you can spawn it. -Open your clienside main file (myresource -> index.mjs) //load model function loadModelAsync(model) { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { if(typeof model === 'string') { model = game.getHashKey(model); } if(!game.isModelValid(model)) return resolve(false); if(game.hasModelLoaded(model)) return resolve(true); game.requestModel(model); let interval = alt.setInterval(() => { if(game.hasModelLoaded(model)) { alt.clearInterval(interval); return resolve(true); } }, 0); }); } Spawn object: -also clientside (myresource->index.mjs) -You can find modell-hash with OpenIV inside "props.ytyp" Screenshot //spawn statue alt.on('keydown', async (key) => { if (key == 0x78){ //f9 alt.log (await loadModelAsync(0xA9DAC8C8)); alt.log(game.isModelValid(0xA9DAC8C8)); let pos = game.getEntityCoords(game.playerPedId()); game.createObject(0xA9DAC8C8, pos.x, pos.y, pos.z, 0, 0, true); } }); Join your server ,press F9 and enjoy the sign of freedom and capitalism. Discord: StahlBetonWand#4726 special thanks to: Tuxick,VadZz,indilo53,Legend resources.rar
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