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  1. There currently is no way back to the serverlist once connected. The reconnecting functionality is not yet ready and even reconnecting to the same server only works in debug mode so far.
  2. It is not allowed to advertise any specific amounts of money on any official alt:V channels. What you do project internally is your business.
  3. In light of the fact that these forums aren't used as much as one would like for a complex software like ISP, there has recently been an ongoing team-internal discussion if and how we should tackle this. Currently the two most prominent ideas around are: 1. Just letting the parts of the current forum that aren't getting used gather a little dust. 2. Switch to the much simpler https://flarum.org/. NOTE: this vote won't necessarily decide what we will do but since you guys are the ones who would use it we'd be happy about any opinion.
  4. There are 3 versions of alt:V. Stable, Beta and Alpha. Most servers are on Beta since they are in active development. You can change your client version by editing the alt.cfg and setting branch to 'beta'.
  5. I stand corrected. Thanks @t4styy for clearing that up.
  6. I actually believe that, as long as you use the nodejs module, the .mjs extension is required to run at all. As I understand .mjs is effectively .js for node...
  7. Or create a module that runs them. Though I have my doubts how feasible that would be.
  8. Fair enough. Still I'd say there is a difference between suggestions on the forums and feature requests for the mod. Though I find it kind of ridiculous to even consider that dis-, and reconnect are something that needs to be suggested in the first place.
  9. Mostly English title, German post, No language tag, No context whatsoever, also duplicate of discord discussion CLOSED
  10. For one thing this isn't a support matter but a feature request that belongs on github. For another Disconnect and therefore Reconnect etc. are in progress, but as Tuxick has mentioned on discord before: it takes time and effort to do properly. That's because as long as the Disconnect and Reconnect aren't working, there is no need for a menu and therefore there is no menu.
  11. That the server doesn't appear on the masterlist is because you didn't turn that on. So that's working fine. As for not being able to direct connect I'd try "host:" to see if that works.
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