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  1. Use the discord for hiring.
  2. Also set host to as it was before instead of changing it to when you want to connect. Host != ip
  3. Your nuget package is outdated. Make sure you copied the newest dependency dlls to your resource folder.
  4. When you have GTA5 from steam and you have the problem that "Load alt:V Client" doesn't disappear. Try killing all steam processes and maybe remove steam from autostart will most likely help.
  5. Heron

    Error giveWeapon

    You need to update your client. The "No handler for RPC" are comping from a outdated server or client. Or one is using a different branch.
  6. You trust the client with the discord Id it's sending to your server. But the client can actually send the Id from someone else so that's not 100% secure.
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