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  1. A fix is on it´s way. Just try again later. Better check the Support channel of the alt:V Discord in the future to stay up 2 date.
  2. Update: + Updated to latest native API
  3. Since alt:V updated node.js to v12.x it is not needed to use the .mjs extension to write es6 modules anymore cause node will understand them natively. You just need to add "type": "module" to your package.json. Your files will then handled as ES modules. And btw: .mjs != .js. These extensions are changing actually the way the files are handled by the interpreters. You can keep in mind that ES modules are able to understand commonJS modules but commonJS won´t understand ES modules. So if u are doing new Projects use ES Modules because they are powerful, for example: You can use classes, make ur code reusable, webpack will bundle them much faster and maybe, in the future, browser will load them automatically as modules without using the type: "module" attribute. This will be pretty much the case cause Node.js and JS-Foundation have been merged to OpenJS Foundation this year. To find out more about the es6 features and the .mjs/.js comparison i recommend having a look inside this: http://es6-features.org/#Constants https://medium.com/passpill-project/files-with-mjs-extension-for-javascript-modules-ced195d7c84a
  4. Consider modules to be the same as JavaScript libraries. So for alt:V its a resource but technically its a module (library) thats what i intended to say in the tutorial. You installed it correctly through ur second way. But your error message means that something in the api request failed. I think it is a wrong API key or invalid city/countrycode. The module is doing everything right and is also still working on latest beta version. see ya
  5. The interval solution is more efficient and cpu friendly.
  6. Can´t confirm it, it still works perfectly so u are doing something wrong in ur setup. But it looks like ur natives aren´t loaded correctly. Everything is working fine for me on Server Beta and Client Beta branch.
  7. Download the resource copy it to ur project and load the resource through ur server.cfg
  8. Hey, i would like to publish this weatherDateSync resource i wrote today... You can sync weather from any city u want to the game and add a 24 Hour Day Cycle to the gameserver. The Date/Time Cycle depends on ur serverhost location. Everything you need to know is descirbed in the github repo: https://github.com/tastydev/weatherDateSync-altv If something is missing or buggy let me know. See ya friends.
  9. Update: +added raycasting against map, vehicles, objects and peds +updated to latest altv api
  10. Ported and updated the fingerpointing resource from RAGEMP to alt:V Multiplayer. Credits to initial RAGEMP resource etrex2k4, geekness. https://github.com/tastydev/fingerpointing-altv And thanks to the alt:V Developer team for syncing the taskMoveNetwork.
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