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  1. C# SendMessage (Create new class) internal static class ChatHandler { public static void SendMessage(this IPlayer player, string message) { player.Emit("chatmessage", null, message); } } now you can use player.SendMessage("HELLO WORLD"); player.SendMessage("<b>Hello World</b>"); player.sendMessage("<font style='color: green; font-weight: bold;'>Hello World</font>");
  2. If you upload your Script, please check it. 🙂 Main*.cs -> Replace "Client" with "IPlayer". Clientside: If anyone change the folder "Client" to a better name like "nativeui" or something -> he need to change the ts (MenuManger.ts) -> webview item resource.cfg -> client.ts not client.js, and add webview/* to the files... client.ts -> Change "import menuManager from 'scripts/MenuManager';" to "import menuManager from 'scripts/MenuManager.ts';" Now it works. 🙂
  3. Hier fehlt echt noch ein anständiges Design! 😄
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