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How to add mod-vehicles

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How to add custom vehicles

(with sounds and tuning-parts)


Example: Meteor by Vanillaworks-Team



Required tools:

OpenIV or CodeWalker that you can find in official discord guild

Resource tree

  • Open dlc.rpf or any other *.rpf archive with one of suggested tools
  • Extract the archive like in the screenshot below. Place all ytd, yft, ydd and other assets in one folder to load them all with one wildcard (you can split it in subfolders). You also need to describe each meta file. You can drag and drop the files.




type: dlc,
main: stream.cfg,
client-files: [


files: [
meta: {
	stream/vehicles.meta: VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE
	stream/carvariations.meta: VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE
	stream/handling.meta: HANDLING_FILE
	stream/carcols.meta: CARCOLS_FILE
	stream/audio/sfx/dlc_meteor: AUDIO_WAVEPACK
	stream/audio/meteor_game.dat: AUDIO_GAMEDATA
	stream/audio/meteor_sounds.dat: AUDIO_SOUNDDATA
	stream/audio/meteor_amp.dat: AUDIO_SYNTHDATA
gxt: {


Add the meteor (folder name is your resource name) for the server.cfg file




Special thanks to:




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Very nice! If you are doing work in this area, and it's not a trade secret, you could add a chapter on replacing vehicles!

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Hi, i'm trying to put this https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-driving-v on my server, i have only one thing that troubles me, i'v tried to do like you show on your exemple. But i doesnt know what to put for materials.dat


meta: {
	stream/vehiclehandling/handling.meta: HANDLING_FILE
	stream/vehiclehandling/materials.dat:  ?????????
	stream/vehiclehandling/vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta: HANDLING_FILE

Am a bit new to this so i don't know if i do it the right way

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