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alt:V - Server Updater

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alt:V - Server Updater


As server doesn't have auto updater integrated into it (in opposite to client), I've decided to make this process automated, so you can skip this part and solely focus on running a server or resource development with these custom scripts.
There're two scripts for two platforms, one is written in Bash for Linux and in PowerShell for Windows to ensure stability and compatibility with keeping dependencies at minimum.


Dependencies for each script are listed in scripts themselves at Dependencies comment.
By default scripts create backup for files up to one version backward, which are saved as filename.old. This can be disabled via command line argument -noBackup.


You can download files via link https://bitbucket.org/Lhoerion/altv-serverupdater/get/master.zip which contains most up-to-date stable scripts.
Scripts with experimental or in progress features can be found under link https://bitbucket.org/Lhoerion/altv-serverupdater/get/develop.zip.
Repository is available on BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/Lhoerion/altv-serverupdater/.


Like simple Bash or PowerShell script. Check before if you have installed script dependencies on running operating system.
Additionally on PowerShell you may encounter problems with ExecutionPolicy, please refer to available materials over the web.

Support & Issues

Feel free to contact me on Discord through alt:V Official Server (it's the preferred and certain contact method), also it'd nice from you to post any issues on this page https://bitbucket.org/Lhoerion/altv-serverupdater/issues regarding bugs you've encountered or enhancements that came to your mind.

Don't be shy and leave "Like", to let me know you appreciate my work.

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