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Durty Map Editor (Full Multiplayer Mapping support)

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Hello everybody,
I want to use this topic to post visual updates about my current WIP Map Editor for alt:V.
Feel free to join my Discord for the early access version & the most recent dev blogs: https://discord.gg/hgSutAU

Some of the current features:

  • Full multiplayer mapping support (Map with your friends, see their changes live), objects are locked to you when you edit them
  • Map Editor is completely toggleable, decide whether you test & cruise on your map or work on it
  • Action multipliers everywhere, you can always use CTRL, SHIFT & Space to speed up any actions or your freecam movement
  • Is built to feel smooth even tho every action is synced with your mapping friends
  • Very intuitive UI to get you started right away without reading any annoying manuals
  • Save, Load & Manage different map
  • Export & Import maps from anywhere, to anywhere!
  • "Freelooking Mode": Allows to move over the map in freecam mode, copy world objects, delete placed objects, snap placed objects
  • "Snapped mode": Allows for replacing objects & changing rotation, deleting the object & aborting editing (restoring last pos/rot)
  • "Selected mode": Allows for very detailed editing of object (pos & rot), deleting the objects, copying object & aborting editing (restoring last pos/rot)
  • Inbuilt Object Browser allows you for efficiently searching with more than 35 search filters, thru more than 143.000 available objects & previewing them before placing them
  • Filters for the Object Browser like "Dlc Patch, Is Ladder, Is Door, Is Animated, Has Explosion Effect.." and many more allowing you to find exactly that object you are searching for
  • Support for working with collissionless objects, no placing of objects without collission and not beeing able to edit them anymore..
  • Custom modded objects for use in your maps which are correctly exported to alt:V resources
  • Ready to use "alt:V Resource" export that creates & sends you a full alt:V dlc resource with all custom models you have used on your map
  • Many inbuilt tools to get you finished quick with those annoying tasks like
    • Object to ground tool, allows for perfectly placing objects on the ground or on other objects (tables etc.)
    • Rotation copy tool, allows for quickly applying a copied rotation on other objects
    • World inspector tool, allowing you to inspect ymaps (whole GTA world) to find prop names, special data for use on your own map
    • Looping generator tool, is the perfect tool for those old school loopings or wallrides created from any object
    • Camera scene creator tool, is the perfect tool for creating cinematics or short trailers for your map
    • Movement recorder tool, allows you to record you driving your race map (for example) & replay it to perfectly tweak jumps and more
    • Objects stacking tool, is the perfect helper for creating huge walls or floors from many single objects
  • Many more features, check them out in our discord (invite url below)!

I will update this lists as the Map Editor progresses.

Current images & videos:
Click the imagees to view the videos







Join the discord to receive most recent updates & informations about the map editor: https://discord.gg/hgSutAU
Feel free to follow me on GitHub to be notified whenever I open source it: https://github.com/DurtyFree


Stay tuned for more updates.

Best regards

Edited by DurtyFree
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15 hours ago, Caledonite said:

Really nice work! Is there any objects list provided as well or in works?

Durty map editor will have a full list of all spawnable objects in GTA.

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Some update from the last 7 days progress (you can click on the images to watch the clips). Join our discord to stay up2date with the latest updates: https://discord.gg/hgSutAU


so here it comes, the progress update for the last 7 days.
most of the time I have worked hard on fixing a lot of smaller bugs & improving the editor in general. Much time was also spent on research of GTA 5 modding / map formats in order to give durty map editor some advanced features in the future.
I have also started setting up some proper roadmap & milestones, which define what I consider a possible release version. I will publish more regarding this & the future of durty map editor in the coming weeks.

But lets start with some visual impressions, as most of the map editor is stable & usable now, I have started working on making it more useful by working on tools.
One of these tools is especially dedicated to our old school stunt & race map creators out there: the "looping generator tool". This tool can be used to create loopings, wall rides & more with ease from every model in the game. (You are not limited to GTA Stunt objects)

The next tool I introduce is something for the more accurate mappers here, "object to ground tool" will help you easily fix those nasty flying props out there.

The last tool I have been working on is the result of the GTA map formats research I have been doing lately: world inspector tool is very WIP and will be a fully featured ingame ymap/MLO inspector. It will allow you to copy & edit almost every entity in the GTA world + giving you insights into existing MLO data (rooms, portals etc.)

This is it for the last 7 days, stay tuned for the next update


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Some quick update of the last days: I have worked a lot on some features needed for release and a new tool called "movement recorder" which lets you easily record your (vehicle) movement allowing for analyzing it (for example for race tracks)
I have also released an announcement containing release informations & a date + FAQ. Check it out on my discord: https://discord.gg/hgSutAU

Click on the image to see a showcase of the tool

Edited by DurtyFree
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Just wanted to let you know I am stopping posting the updates there as its just too much to keep up every week.

The Map Editor is also released for Early Access since some weeks, so feel free to join the discord to read how to get early access.
Also checkout the #dev-blog channel to read all the latest update informations.
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/hgSutAU

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