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Clothes add-on tutorial

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Hi everyone ! 


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need help you can ask in modding section on alt:V discord and don't forget to mention me before your mesage : @Nicoo#0001

First: thanks to LaMeule for motivating me to do this tutorial

This is a tutorial for adding new clothes on your alt:V server, it's very easy and new user friendly so let's go: 


alt-clothes-tools update by Gizz  (this tutorial is working only with 0.0.2 of the tools)


1.Get a clothe mod or clothes pack

You can find that on moddings websites, in this case we will use EUP Law & Order


2.Download the latest update of the alt-clothes-tool by Tuxick and update by Gizz (Requires).


3.Extract the tool inside a new folder and launch it

You should have something like this: 



4.Extract your clothes mod in a new folder 

Now you need to separate female clothes and male clothes

So if it's a male clothe you will need to select the "male" button.

You can add all files, no need to add one by one so you need to select all files like this: 


Then click to "open" button

Your clothes tool will be like this now: 




5) Now let's build our project ! 

- Select alt:V Resource

- Choose your destination folder (create one if you need)

- Choose a collection name (name of your resource)


Then click on the "build" button.

You should have "Resource built" notification


6.Go to your new resource folder and open the stream.cfg file


files: [
meta: {
  stream/mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_tutorial.meta: SHOP_PED_APPAREL_META_FILE


You need to delete one "/*" at the files lines

files: [
meta: {
  stream/mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_tutorial.meta: SHOP_PED_APPAREL_META_FILE


Keep in mind that all component ID are working now with the Gizz Update except mask. 

If you need a clothes menu for testing your clothes you can find it here  (edit: file approve)

Well done, you have your first clothes resource ! 

Edited by Nicoo
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