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Redux is Looking to Expand its Development Team

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Hello all,

Redux is recruiting developers, designers, and game mechanists. Here I'll outline our aspirations for a dynamic and realistic text-based GTA V roleplay server built on top of the alt:V multiplayer platform.

Redux Dev Team.png

We have a strong development team, but we're looking to get more hands on deck to speed things up since we're quite few in number. 0neAcid leads our technical wing, having over 10 years of experience in software development and infrastructure. Smilez is in charge of UI design and develops the overall vision for the look and feel of our roleplay systems. Sern leads community development, building out our forums and documentation, as well as helping with game mechanic design. In addition to these folks, we've got a couple others on our team helping out here and there: Lance (UI/GFX design) and Clark (game mechanics).

What we're looking for

  • Programmers/Developers: Preferably those with experience with Typescript and React, but as long as you have core competency, 0neAcid will be happy to take you on and mentor you as you're starting off. We have high standards for code quality and you'll be pleased to see us taking advantage of the latest features and patterns in Typescript. As a developer you will help write code for core roleplay mechanics, turn UI mocks into fully functional interactive systems, and help develop the overall technical vision for the project. We haven't yet started on developing the UCP, so if you're a senior frontend dev looking for some autonomy, you could take the reigns there.
  • UI and Graphical Designers: If you can design beautiful mocks that fit with our overall aesthetic vision, you're hired. You'll be working alongside our other two designers and helping make all of our systems look beautiful. Bonus points if you can write HTML/CSS.
  • Game Mechanists: We're looking to develop some seriously innovative roleplay mechanics and economics. We want to minimize grind, encourage serious and fun roleplay, and have a living, breathing economy. If you're ready to let go of traditional roleplay ideals and want to help design the mechanics that will underlie our server, we welcome you to join our team.


We welcome people from all over the world who share our ideals and wish to help. For efficiency it is necessary that all developers are able to communicate clearly in English over text at minimum.

Project Goals

Above all, the foundation behind any good roleplay server is its community, so our foremost goal is building and maintaining a fun, welcoming, and mature community. Everyone who shares our passion for a progressive, immersive, and realistic RP environment will be welcome on our server and should feel that way. We will make it a priority to limit toxicity and cronyism, and encourage members to judge each other based on their contributions and merit. Staff will be held to the highest standards, both as roleplayers and as game moderators.

Here's a sample of some of the ideas that are guiding our development at the moment:

  • Realism without compromising fun.
  • Focus on immersion with the help of limited but intuitive UI elements.
  • Player-driven economy with prices that feel realistic, with emphasis on supply-and-demand mechanics.
  • Highly dynamic and flexible inventory system. You want to put some money into a briefcase and put that briefcase on the ground? Go for it. Want to hand someone the key to your vehicle? Want to leave your smartphone at home? Everything is an item. Everything is fungible.
  • Completely optional 'side job' grind mechanics to appease traditional RP play styles while encouraging exploration of our alternative approach to player run organizations, jobs, and distribution of wealth.
  • Empowering player-driven businesses and organizations, especially those that stimulate the economy as well as foster roleplay.
  • Advanced player damage mechanics, death, and incapacitation.
  • A re-imagined CK system that keeps players on their toes at all times.
  • Advanced vehicle injury mechanics utilizing custom g-force calculations.
  • Custom health mechanics that include medical care, injuries, lifestyle choices, etc.
  • Vehicles have a greater purpose than mere transportation. They are their own characters. Mileage, damage, maintenance, etc. will all be tracked and play a role in vehicle value while giving mechanics true purpose and prosperity.
  • Weapons are just a class of tools. Tools break and malfunction, more so as they become more complex. Firearms can jam based on realistic calculations creating those "oh shit" moments. Firearms require periodic maintenance.

Progress so far

As of today, we have thousands of lines of code written, dozens of UI mocks completed, and dozens of documents/diagrams detailing how different aspects of our systems will function. Here's a sample of some things that are functioning in our gamemode right now:

  • Interactive and modern character create UI (see showcase images)
  • Intuitive and dynamic drag-and-drop inventory system.
    • All inventories are fully synced and can be interacted with by several players simultaneously.
    • Dropped items appear on the ground and can be picked up.
    • Items can be traded openly between players in close range.
    • Large or unwieldy inventory items are visible on your character (eg. an assault rifle), even if not currently in use.
  • Unique character identification, anonymity, and naming systems.
    • Real character names do not show by default, allowing for true anonymity and preventing metagaming.
    • Players can nickname other players to identify them how they like.
  • Immersive 3D Sound System
    • You can get in a vehicle, blast the stereo, roll down the windows, and drive down the street disrupting the whole neighborhood.
    • You can host an underground rave in a warehouse and DJ for hundreds of players in real-time.
  • Vehicle System
    • Interactive Vehicle HUD displaying real-time information about your vehicle: speed, engine status, turning indicators, doors, etc.
    • Pseudo cruise control system allows players to set and maintain vehicle speed while driving through city streets.
    • Driver's licenses which feature a real photo of your character.
  • Weapon System
    • Weapons can be equipped, loaded with ammunition, unloaded, slung on your character, etc.
    • There are various types of ammunition items which can be loaded into different weapons.
    • Realistic animations and delays for reloading weapons and switching between weapons.
    • Custom hot-keys for weapon switching (1, 2, 3 for rifle, handgun, melee)
  • Interactive animations such as the ability to point your characters finger in a particular direction.
  • Basic cellphone/smartphone system that allows different phones to be equipped and utilized. Currently there are three different smartphone models. 
  • In-game notification system to avoid spamming chat for various kinds of notifications in the UI.

Here's a sample of what we're working on finishing up in the near future:

  • Unique chat tab system allows superior chat type filtering for improved readability and interaction.
    • Unified chat system is currently default, as is traditional, with PMs as the only exception.
    • Players can opt into additional chat tabs to help filter out the main chat.
    • Separated advertising tab, radio chat tab, phone conversations, and more.
  • G-forces on an occupied vehicle at preset thresholds will determine potential outcomes.
    • No more smashing into everything on the map with no consequences.
  • Vehicles with varied fuel tank capacities and fuel burn rates.
  • Dynamic item-based clothing system that allows players to mix and match wardrobes on the fly, and trade clothing items with other players, among other things.

Showcase Images
These are screenshots of our development. Nothing is final and there are many rough edges.






Links/Contact Information

Interested in helping? PM me here on these forums or reach out on Discord (link below or directly at Sern#1902) and we'll talk more.

Site: https://redux.live/
Forum: https://forum.redux.live/
Discord: NaSTe9K OR https://discord.gg/NaSTe9K

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